How much?

At this point, you must be asking yourself: 

              "okay, how much is this going to cost me?"


Price and budget are two very important things to consider, however,  you should also remember that the wedding entertainer YOU choose will have a significant impact on the success (or failure) of your wedding reception. The wedding entertainer's KEY responsibility is to make your guests feel as though they were active participants in your once in a lifetime celebration. No other wedding vendor you will hire can do that for you. 


The good news: we are NOT the most expensive wedding entertainer in the Pittsburgh area. However, we are not the least expensive either. 


Unfortunately, we need some more information before we can give you an accurate price quote. Just like the caterer needs to know how many people they will be feeding. The photographer needs to know how many pictures. The cake decorator needs to know how many cake slices to prepare.  We need to know a few additional things as well. When you contact us, we will get that information and give you a price quote right over the phone or via email. 

A few things we will never do:

  • We will never high pressure you into signing a contract.

  • We will not hold a date for you. (sorry but others may be waiting for your date)

  • We will not try and talk you into a higher price than you have already budgeted. 

  • We will not give discounts.

  • We do not offer packages. One price and you get everything (except uplighting or monogram)


We get it, you still want a price. No problem but we need to know what your plans are. Contact us and we will setup a time to go over all of the details of your wedding so we can give you an accurate quote.